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Coffee & Sweet Treats Delight Shoppers at Canton Marketplace

Northern Lights Coffee

If I die, pretty sure they will not find blood running through my veins, but coffee. As a coffee lover, Northern Lights Coffee has everything from my iced vanilla latte coffee to this magical energy giving liquid, LOTUS ENERGY, which is naturally plant-based! I recommend the Blue Lotus with Guava, this should be sold by the gallons! Now, they even have COLD FOAM. Yes, I'm extremely excited by this. Northern Lights Coffee supports my love of all things coffee. check them out inside the Canton Marketplace Food Court during the next Canton Trade Days.


The Sugar Shack

Now this place can make a cake look like art, and tastes divine! I have personally even had them make my daughter's birthday cupcakes! Strawberry cream was not only moist and delightful, but the kids were grabbing extra cupcakes on the way out! Every Trade Days I go and try something new, Brownie cake, reminds me of my grandma's Texas Sheet cake, but even better. My favorite list is too long, but between the decadent cake pops and the mouth watering chiffon cake, with whipped strawberry cream icing, are to DIE for! However I will warn you, better get them quick they don't last long! She is a master of cake, the Cupcake Queen and taste reigns supreme.

FB: @TheSugarShackCakery

Blog post by Kristi Rose-Broyles


Canton Marketplace is an indoor shopping & food mall open each Canton Trade Days. This premiere First Monday Trade Days venue is open late during the show with free parking. We are located just across from the north gate at 1455 N. Trade Days Boulevard in Canton, Texas.

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